Workshops 15-16


Friday 11th September

Sheena Norquay- Ridged Winter Landscapes (FULL)

Friday 13th November

Gillian Travis - Townscapes (FULL)

Friday 11th March

Jonathan Korejko - Papermaking for textile artists

This workshop is designed for people who love textiles and want to expand into new areas. You will learn how cotton, denim, hessian, wool and silk can be recycled to make paper in A5 formats

Friday 13th May

Katie Chaplin - Boromono Fabric Sampler

Bromine means 'rag things' in Japanese and was the way that people used to patch up kimono in days gone by to give them a longer life. In the workshop, you will make a sample piece of Boromona from a selection of vintage kimono fabrics.

Tuesday / Wednesday 2nd/3rd August

Chris Gray - Beautiful Tri- fold Books.