WBEG Programme 2021


10 September 2020 Cancelled

Emily Notman - My journey to mixed media landscapes

I create bespoke textiles mixing media and building up tactile delicate surfaces. I work and rework my pieces with paint, dyes, bleach and ink, burning and layering until finishing it with hand stitch. I find beauty in flaky walls, overgrown buildings and encrusted surfaces; this is something I recreate in my work.

10 October Cancelled

Mig Holder - And sew to recycle

My work spans a very wide spectrum - from exhibited textile art to fashion and home accessories. What links it all is that everything is made from recycled or remnant materials. Sewing thread, and paint for backgrounds and frames, are the only things I allow myself to buy (and people donate me so much fabric that I don't even need to buy it from charity shops!).

12 November Cancelled

Francesca Holmes - Stitch, burn, heat and dissolve

An experienced textile artist with a level 3 machine embroidery diploma and level 3 diploma in creative techniques in textiles (distinction.)

Work created has been exhibited at the NEC, Excel, West Country Quilt Show and The Big Textile Show over the past 10 years as well as other galleries around the UK including the Lake District and Oxford University.

Belonging to the Textile Art Groups Meniscus, Drawn to Stitch and Inspire has helped to further develop machine embroidery skills.

Thursday 10 December on Zoom

Christmas Social - nearly Christmas so it's time for chat, food and creativity

Thursday 14 January 2021 on Zoom

Nikki Parmenter - Development of my work

I am a Cheshire based artist who specialises in mixed media, textile based pieces. I take my inspiration from a variety of sources and I am particularly interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual symbols to represent the things which were important to them. I investigate myth and legend and draw parallels between societies, showing that although many people have different beliefs we are all united by visual iconography.

Thursday 11 February 7.00pm on Zoom - Anne Brooke


'My Journey from A-Z an obsession and an accident' (Available via zoom)

This talk will reveal the story of my journey and how I arrived where I am today. My inspiration, working progress through to the realisation of my stitched collage and other work.

Thursday 11 March 7.00pm on Zoom – Joanna O’Neill



Working small (and much less scary) - art quilts and embroidery on a friendly scale.

Thursday 8 April 7.00pm on Zoom - Ruth Singer


Textiles in lockdown.

I grew up with a love of history and a passion for textiles. I bring these two together in my practice as an artist exploring narratives, heritage and material culture. I create exhibitions, installations and commissions often using old cloth and hand stitch with subtle and intriguing hidden stories. My work explores human experience expressed through thoughtful and emotionally-engaged textile making. My subtle and delicate work references loss, memory, fragility and damage in both the cloth itself and in our personal lives, and the places in which we gather memories. My background as a textile historian and museum curator is woven throughout my work; I create pieces with a sense of history and a look of antiques but with a powerful contemporary story.

Thursday 29 April 7.00pm on Zoom – Mary Broddle


The mindful occupation of embroidery