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Saturday 14th September 2013 

Linda Rudkin  
Colours from Nature 
Linda explains how to use a wide range of natural dyes for creative work with textiles. 
The talk is supported by more than 60 stitched sample boards and pieces of textile art.
Photos from her talk are on the Gallery.


Thursday 10th October  

followed by 

Gilli Theokritoff 

My Quilt Journey
Gilli gives an entertaining talk about her quilts and her journey from novice to pro, with lots of quilts to handle and inspect. Photos from her talk are on the Gallery.

Saturday 9th November  

Christine Standen 

Practise what I preach! 
As Chris comes to a new beginning, she looks back at her own work and the events which have influenced it. 

Thursday 12th December  7.00pm

Christmas Social 

Enjoy seasonal workshops with members of our own Branch 
followed by mince pies and a cup of tea.
Erica will be demonstrating how best to utilize the wealth of information  WBEG and EMREG and Main EG websites, and how to access and print the WBEG newsletters.

Saturday 11th January 2014  

Louise West 

Cotton to concrete and beyond
Louise charts the journey of lacemaking from historic beginnings, through to contemporary applications. It includes her involvement with the design of Nottingham Contemporary, through her MA contemporary lace and into her current practice of using lace as inspiration for jewellery.  There is something in there for everyone, even if not interested in the traditional white delicate textile.


Thursday 13th February 

Tempo Talks 

Rummaging through Grannie’s drawers 
A lively and informative talk, with demonstrations, bringing together collecting, care and creative makes from vintage linen.Join our speakers as they take you on a colourful adventure through Grannie's Drawers, Junk Shops and Antique Markets, in their quest for unloved, unused and long-forgotten vintage linen.  Find out how they collect, care for and create, with textile treasures from long ago.

Saturday 8th March 

Loughborough Students

Work in progress
Two current design students from Loughborough University will talk about their course work
and explain how it has developed. Ella Shand and Romina Barile


Thursday 10th April 

Dionne Swift

New Grounds
A 4 year long, Arts Council supported project culminating in a solo touring show.
This talk illustrates why and most importantly how Dionne re-developed her work, charting inspiration, the progression of ideas and the development of the exhibition.


Saturday 10th May 

Lesley Alexander 

Pushing Boundaries
Lesley describes how she developed her work practice using stitch with emphasis on machine techniques, sharing inspirations and encouraging work to be seen in a fine art context  as her work crosses the boundaries of embroidery, quilt art and fine art. She has a wealth of stitch samples which are of interest to embroidery enthusiasts because it shows how she has pushed traditional techniques further on than is usually seen possible and into a fine art context. Her skill is creating textures using fabric manipulation and machine embroidery techniques. 

Thursday 12th June

Gail Lawther

Glimpses of Britain
24 small quilts, each one inspired by different aspects of life in the British Isles. From Boadicea to the Beatles, from Morris Dancing to motorways, From Stonehenge to the Giant’s Causeway – it’s all here! Illustrated in stitch and fabric with the quilts themselves.

Gail will be leading a workshop on Friday 13th June. See workshop list for further information.

Saturday 12 July 

And Sew to Tea 

Bring a current project, PAT test your equipment, shop from our visiting trader and 
enjoy delicious cakes and a cuppa!

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