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Our lovely WBEG exhibition titled "A River Runs Through" is now open until the 28th of February 2016. Note the exhibition is closed on Tuesday and Friday morning for children events.
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Branch Exhibition A River Runs Through

July Challenge 2015

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'You Are Here' - West Bridgford Library Exhibition

July challenge 2013

Ruth Singer's Master Class Nov 2012

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In 2001 we made our branch banner. Much of the design was based on the Trent Bridge which is close by.

Lynda Monk Workshop June 2013

And Sew to Supper 2013

Stitching a welcome to the Athletes of the World Postcards

To celebrate the 2012 Olympics, the Embroiderers’ Guild produced a spectacular tribute by creating a series of textile postcards dedicated to each of the countries taking part in the London Olympics. Our country was Dominica.

Each year our Guild Branch at West Bridgford in Nottingham sets a July Challenge to give our members a chance to make a small scale embroidered item. Members then vote for the most popular entry with the winner having the privilege of looking after the silver scissors trophy for a year. What better opportunity then for our members to compete in their own special way for the Olympics.

13 of our members took up the challenge and produced a variety of postcards inspired mainly by the flora, fauna and island nature of our given country Dominica. We also celebrated the Creole culture in the headdresses worn and the madras fabric used to make the Wob Dwiyet dress worn at festivals. A variety of techniques were used from hand stitching to machine embroidery featuring felt, beads, feathers and sheer fabrics.

The winning entries were the flag featuring the Sisserou Parrot and the colourful oranges, one of the main agricultural products of the island. The colours of the flag represent important aspects of Dominican culture such as the yellow of sunshine and citrus fruits, the white stripe representing the clarity of the rivers and waterfalls, the black stripe the rich black soil of the island on which the agriculture is based and also the African heritage. The general background of dark green symbolises the rich verdant forests and the general lushness of the island. This lushness was clearly at the heart of many of the other postcards with their use of green and floral designs.

We may not be Olympic Athletes but we enjoyed joining in with the Olympic spirit of London 2012 with our postcard collection.