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Pilgrim Fathers' Quilt

posted 20 Jul 2017, 04:41 by Suella Postles   [ updated 22 Jul 2017, 13:50 ]

The quilt will be exhibited in Coles Sewing Centre in Nottingham from Monday 24th July until Thursday 3rd August and then in the Tourist Information, Nottingham 11th / 12th / 13th August. It includes work done by WBEG members. 

Pilgrim Fathers Quilt

Jan Merryweather - Torvil and Dean

Chris Watkins - DH Lawrence

Liz Harrison - Sherwood forest

Kath Owen - Coal mining
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depict the history of our county over the last 400 years. It will be presented to the Mayflower Society House in Plymouth Massachusetts by Radio Nottingham when they visit the USA in September. Includes work by our Young Quilters