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Embroiderers' Guild on Facebook

posted 3 Jan 2016, 01:52 by Suella Postles

News and commentary from the EG.
Or should you wish to either post or keep up to date with what other guilds are doing.

The EG's current vision:
  • Our Vision is that the Guild is recognised and valued as a central educational and inspirational resource - a hub for all who are attracted to or experienced in embroidery/stitch, textiles, and related arts and crafts. It is seen as being supportive of all levels of ability whether for personal enjoyment through an increasingly rewarding and enriching experience or personal accomplishment in the furtherance of historical skills, technical and artistic excellence.
    Our charitable objects are to:
    · ENCOURAGE new generations to stitch whether it is for pleasure or technical/artistic merit
    · SUPPORT all who teach, learn, explore and extend the boundaries of the art of stitch
    · PUBLISH the history and contemporary research in relation to stitch and textile art
    · COLLECT, preserve and exhibit items of historical and contemporary significance