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‘A River runs through’ guidelines

posted 16 Sept 2015, 02:40 by Erica Thomson   [ updated 16 Sept 2015, 02:42 ]
We hope you will enjoy taking part in our Branch group exhibit for ‘a River runs through’.

Please select a ‘slice’ of the River, starting at the middle No. 12 and working outwards to the edge pieces. This will ensure continuity in the flow of the river in the event of not all the sections being utilised. Please record your choice on the sheet provided, placing your name against the number you select.

Please choose any medium you wish, to create your ‘slice’. The only stipulation is that the actual river section is worked to the lines of the riverbanks, with particular care to be taken at the very edge of your work. This will enable the neighbouring sections to marry up neatly. Just check that you use the pattern with the TOP uppermost- this is marked on your ‘slice’.

If you have threads or embellishments which hang down below your pattern piece or stand above it- this is fine. There is no need to trim your top or bottom edges unless you particularly wish to do so. This will add more interest once the whole piece is assembled!

Feel free to add motifs of your choice e.g. people, locks, boats flora and fauna. The interpretation is entirely yours!

Jane Marrows and Judith Burnett           September, 2015