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Help needed for Regional Day 2019

posted 10 Oct 2018, 12:58 by Erica Thomson   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 12:58 ]

The Regional Committee are starting to put together the team for Region Day 2019, and there are still some slots for us to fill. Maybe you can take on a role as an individual, or with a group of fellow members, or perhaps a branch could
assume responsibility for part of the day and split the work between some of its members. Attached is a brief
outline of what we need.

Sew and So with Kickstart October 13th 11.00am-1pm

posted 7 Oct 2018, 09:10 by Suella Postles

Sew and So with Kickstart October 13th 11.00am-1pm. We will be trying a new format. Judith will be helping us with some printing. You may of course bring your own work if you prefer. As usual there will be a charge of £3. We hope that you will come along and bring your lunch, as the AGM and October meeting will follow at 2.00pm.

Let's Print!

For our first session we will be looking at the many ways of printing onto fabric

using a variety of different print blocks. There will be an opportunity to have a go

at some of the ways to create a block. This is all about sharing our knowledge and

inspiring people new to these techniques, so if you use these methods already,

please bring along any of your favourites and samples of how you have used them in your work (this includes both commercial and handmade stamps/blocks).

Everyone is welcome, and if you are a newer member this is an opportunity to meet others in the branch in an informal atmosphere.

You may like to bring a packed lunch if you are staying on for the afternoon meeting.

Hope to see you there.

Judith Burnett

‘Solstice’ Wet-felted Winter Landscapes Sunday Nov 18th 2018

posted 23 Sep 2018, 02:37 by Erica Thomson

Tutor- Jane Marrows image1.jpeg

Venue- Green’s Windmill, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG2 4QB

Spend an enjoyable and creative day here in this superb location.

Create magical winter landscapes, using natural and synthetic fibres, sheer fabrics and metallic threads, to frame or to form a cushion front, using wet-felting techniques on the day, including Nuno felt-making, which combines fabric with wool fibres.

Embellish with surface stitch by hand or machine. Add beads and sequins for texture and sparkle!

The class runs from 10am-4pm. 

Cost £35. 

All materials and refreshments are included and there is free parking with permits on the day.

Please bring your own lunch and your sewing machine, if you have one. 

Contact Jane on 07799751347/01159589203 or email janemarrows@hotmail.com to book your place and for more information.

‘Silk Papers’ Saturday 6th October, 2018

posted 10 Sep 2018, 00:44 by Erica Thomson

‘Silk Papers’ Saturday 6th October, 2018

Tutor:- Jane Marrows

Spend an enjoyable day learning silk paper-making techniques, using silk fibres and a variety of embellishments, in the beautiful setting of this award winning Windmill, in Sneinton, Nottingham NG2 4QB.

There will also be the opportunity to cover a couple of mini-books.

The class runs from 10am-4pm.

Cost £35.

All materials and refreshments are included and there is free parking with permits on the day.

Please bring your own lunch and your sewing machine, if you have one.

Contact Jane on 07799751347/01159589203 or email janemarrows@hotmail.com to book your place and for more information.



"Threads Through Revelation" Exhibition at Southwell Minster

posted 5 Sep 2018, 23:49 by Suella Postles

"Threads Through Revelation" Exhibition at Southwell Minster

Threads Through Revelation-Jacqui Parkinson

Tuesday 16 October to Friday 30 November 2018, in the Quire Aisles

"Threads Through Revelation" is a spectacular display of textile art, inspired by the book of Revelation. It has been created by Jacqui Parkinson, a textile artist based in Devon. Her work will be visiting cathedrals across the country until the end of 2018, and we are lucky enough to be one of it's hosts.
“Threads Through Revelation” uses vivid silks and literally millions of stitches to explore the Book of Revelation, one of the most vivid books in the bible. The book of Revelation describes the extraordinary visions of John on the island of Patmos in the first century and has inspired and challenged many artists over the centuries.

Jacqui became particularly drawn to the book in 2013 and for three years and three months worked on a sequence of panels and a book, which was completed in 2016. Thought to be the largest single-artist textile exhibition in the world, it’s on show from 16th October to 30th November and really is one not to be missed.

David Wilkinson, The Principal, St Johns College, Durham University writes:

"Jacqui Parkinson has approached Revelation with all the seriousness of a professional theologian but also as someone who wants to engage the text with her passion and training in art. In working with her own art form she brings insights to the text which sometimes reinforce, sometimes question and sometimes push further the academic commentaries. This is a fine piece of work and gives a distinct contribution to the scholarship on Revelation. But more than that it engages the artist and the lay person in an imaginative exploration of God's Word."

EMREG AGM September 30, 2018 at Kegworth

posted 29 Aug 2018, 23:20 by Suella Postles

Invitation to our AGM to Branch members

By Deborah Phillpott on Aug 29, 2018 07:44 pm
  Dear Branch Member   I write to invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 30th September 2018.  We open the doors at 10.30am at Kegworth Village Hall, Nottingham Road, Kegworth, DE74 2FH to start at 11.00am.  You will find an agenda and minutes of the 2017 regional AGM on the emreg webpage under Events.   We have an executive attending and will be giving us news from head office.  It’s always good to put faces to the executive team.   I hope to make the day informal but informative and have a talk/training session in the afternoon focussing on Publicity for the Guild.  Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire so that the consultant can tailor the session for our needs.   It would help enormously if we know how many people we would be catering for so I ask that you let me know by noting the following form and return the details by email.   Very many thanks Deborah   "……………………………………………………………………………"……………………………………………………………………………
……………………………………………..   Attendees for the Annual General Meeting of the East Midlands Region To be held on Sunday 30th September 2018 at 11.00am (doors open at 10.30am). Name:     Contact Phone Numbers   Address:     Email:     Please tick here to receive information via email from the regional committee. o   Please return via email: debphillpott@virginmedia.com  or send to Deborah Phillpott, 1 Middlefield Lane, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 0QZ

Extra Kickstart Workshops: Lincoln and Derby

posted 20 Aug 2018, 08:22 by Suella Postles   [ updated 20 Aug 2018, 23:43 by Erica Thomson ]

Extra Kickstart Workshops:

Several Branches are now holding their own Geology & Fossils Workshops for Kickstart this year.Lincolnshire Branch is looking for extra members to attend theirs on Saturday, 8th September, 2018.  At:  CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST LATTER DAY SAINTS SKELLINGTHORPE ROAD LINCOLN LN6 OPB;  Tutor: Jan Dowson working with Colin Merry, who is a Geologist. Fee: £35.00  Contact Hilary Farley for payment and further details as soon as possible: hilaryfarley@live.com.  Phone:  01673 858463Maximum number 14. Workshop details: the morning will be preparation, mixed media development, the afternoon spent stitching and developing exquisite stitch samples.Material List: Thinking about fossils for colour rate - neutrals, browns greens, white black. Tea/coffee dyed fabrics and threads; basic sewing kit; painted bondaweb; Tyvek; Lutrador; Synthetic fabrics that will melt and distort; calico for backing; small beads in appropriate colour range; hot gun; hair dryer; iron (any electrical goods need to be PAT tested) selection of fabrics that can be tea dyed; selection of papers - brown paper, old envelopes; tissue, etc. There will be a pack including fabrics, papers, tyvek, painted bondaweb and lutrador etc available for £5.00

Derbyshire Branch are offering one on Saturday, 20th October, 2018.  At: St. John's Church, Devonshire Drive, Mickleover, Derby DE3 9HD.     10.00 am - 3.30pmTutor: Pam KeelingThis will be an opportunity to delve into this wide theme using whatever aspect of this topic you choose. Check suggestions in the Kickstart Booklet. Booklets are now available from Pam Keeling or Deborah Phillpott - cost £5.The start of the day will be an overall approach to design, followed by individual tuition on your chosen theme.The cost for this workshop will be £35.00Requirements List will be available when booked onto the day

Contact Pam Keeling for Workshop & Booklet:  pamkeeling@clara.co.uk   Phone: 01332 523469

Booklets:  Deborah Phillpott:  debphillpott@virginmedia.com    or Download the booklet here
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100 Hearts Exhibitions

posted 27 Jul 2018, 00:12 by Suella Postles

100 Hearts Exhibitions


"Lest we Forget" are the poignant words spoken by a generation long ago.   Those who fought in World War 1 are now fading memories to the generation who came after, and soon they too will be lost to us.   Stories of comradeship, bravery, victories and setbacks were captured in the letters sent back to relatives eagerly waiting for news or told by those who returned.   In conjunction with SSAFA, the Embroiderers' Guild is proud to be part of the commemoration of all those who took part in World War 1.  Using cloth and thread as both medium and metaphor, textile artists will interpret the stories as unique and sensitive images stitched onto hearts.   The pieces will illustrate to a new generation the men and the animals that accompanied the; the uniforms worn and medals won; the regiments that fought together and the family members fondly remembered; the songs that kept their spirits high and the words they wrote to those back home.   These will be unique and thoughtful exhibitions put together to fulfil the hope of a generation not to be forgotten.

100 Hearts is a different mixture of pieces at each venue.   Exhibitions have been organised at:

Knit & Stitch, Alexandra Palace, London         11th - 14th October, 2018

Knit & Stitch, Harrogate                                22nd - 25th November, 2018

NEC,  Birmingham                                        March, 2019

Norwich Cathedral, Norwich                           November, 2018

Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool                        10th September - 7th October, 2018

Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn               26th September - 17th October, 2018

Weston Park, Shifnal, Shropshire                    29th September - 30th October, 2018

Bucks County Museum, Aylesbury                    mid October, 2018 - January, 2019

Chertsey Museum                                            1st - 20th September, 

Frome Museum,                                               early September - mid October

RNAS Yeovilton, Yeovil                                    24th October,  -  31st November

Old Low Lights Gallery, North Shields                1st October - 30th November

Stroud Museum in the Park                               3rd November - 2nd December

Please check the Guild and Venue websites for updates and confirmation of exact Exhibition dates.

We would appreciate any help with transport, storage and putting up the exhibitions, particularly in the north of the country (we are based in Oxford).  Fortunately the hearts are light, but bulky and we will supply batons and tape for hanging the hearts.  If you are able to help with any of this please do get in contact with us - by mid August please, to allow us time to make arrangements as necessary.  

Our email address is:      100hearts@embroiderersguild.com

If you have any suggestions for venues in other parts of the countryside at other times then please let us know so that we can follow these up.


We have also attached a 100 hearts logo - please share this as much as possible on your facebook/blogs/etc etc in order to increase interest in our exhibitions!


Best wishes

Amanda and Alex

Regional Day - the future

posted 29 Jun 2018, 07:58 by Erica Thomson   [ updated 29 Jun 2018, 07:58 ]


Currently it is 85p per member, many Regions charge as much as £2.50 per member
1. Competition and Speaker for 2019 on the Day and to arrange a Speaker for 2020.
2. IT - as Erica and Nigel have decided not to continue with their help before, on and after the Day - it is vital we try to find someone - or two others to do the same.
3. We need suggestions as to other Groups to display work. Someone to approach and organise these would be good.
4. Book Stall - on the day
5. Someone to organise the  ̃Models” needed for Magie Relph’s talk.
If you are willing to help, please contact pamkeeling@clara.co.uk

Geology and Fossils Kickstart Booklet now available as a download.

posted 19 Jun 2018, 07:44 by Suella Postles

Geology and Fossils Kickstart Booklet now available as a download.

You can find the pdf at the bottom of the Kickstart page here
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