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Benefits of Joining

Benefits of becoming a branch member - 

  • Receive an email newsletter each month from the Chairman
  • Able to borrow books from our library
  • Can hire equipment and videos
  • Pay £5 less for our own workshops than non-members
  • Get early booking for our workshops
  • Use your membership card to get a 10% discount at some shops detailed on the pocket programme. Please note that Quorn Country Crafts have withdrawn from their 10% off  offer.
  • Can join our regular Kickstart workshops

All this, as well as automatically becoming a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild which enables you to:

  • Receive ‘Contact’ magazine with its news of the Guild and listings of country-wide exhibitions, workshops and other branches. This is now available on line as well.
  • Get the Annual Report of the Guild
  • Gain access to the members-only areas of the Guild website
  • Have voting rights at the AGM 
  • See a full list of benefits here

Contact Magazine

If you are a member, recent issues of Contact, the Guild's Newsletter, are now available in ebook or PDF format to download.

You can visit the the Members' Room page on the national Embroiderers' Guild website and download from there. 
You will need to enter your username and password, which are printed on the back of your membership card.

The cover of the July 2010 issue of Contact Magazine.