2012 Survey Results

Here are the results from our survey. We have selected some of the most helpful answers given.

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Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to fill in our survey.

Workshop or talk techniques

Are there any other Workshop and Talk Techniques that you'd like to have a talk or workshop on?

  • Burning fabric with a soldering iron
  • Painting on fabric
  • Fabric books from samples
  • Using different drawing media
  • A visit from Art van Go  
  • Framing
  • Quilt making
  • Screen Printing
  • Stencilling
  • Photographing your work
  • Bookmaking
  • Mixed media
  • Types of fastenings
  • Historical costumes -theatrical, traditional - foreign
  • Developing designs for embroidery
  • Historical aspects of embroidery and costume.
  • Doll making
  • Church Textiles
  • Use and updates on mixed mediums
  • Printing on fabric
  • Sewing as therapy
  • History - shoes, hats, fans
  • Framing work
  • Victorian samplers or embroidery
  • How to encase fabric in a placemat, coaster, frame
  • Hand embroidery - a modern approach to the subject
  • Dyeing
  • Painting backgrounds for machine embroidery
  • Fashion
  • Costume
  • Free machine embroidery
  • Local members work
  • Using a computer for textile designing
  • Using paper - origami - pleating - folding-etc,
  • knitting and crocheting
  • Designing
  • Traditional hand stitch techniques

Projects for talks or workshops

Using unusual materials - which ones would you like to know more about?

Lutrador, Puff paint/Xpanda print, Clay, Metals, Tyvek, Dissolvables, Angelina, Paper mache 

Recent WBEG workshops

Future Workshops - who would you like to take a workshop with?

  • Laura and Linda Kempshall
  • Janet Humphrey
  • Gilli Theocritoff
  • Julie Arkell (again)
  • Louise Baldwin
  • Angie Hughes (again)
  • Kim Thitichai
  • Sue Rangeley
  • Ruth Brown (digital imagery on fabric)
  • Judith Burnett
  • Kumi Middleton
  • Jean Littlejohn
  • Someone for making small boxes; fabric, stumpwork?
  • Andrew Wynn
  • Maggie Grey
  • Lynda Monk
  • Jane Hall
  • Ruth Issett
  • Dionne Swift
  • Janice Gunner

Would you like to give a talk/workshop? and on what? 

  • I could do mini workshops. 1) Putting panels on Jute bags using different methods of assembling the panels. 2) Introduction to free machine quilting.
  • I'd be happy to do a free motion embroidery/applique workshop.
  • I could give a talk on Design inspirations techniques etc  

Why have you not been to any workshops?

Other reasons for not attending WBEG workshops in the last 2 years

  • Some of the workshops seemed to be far too basic to warrant the expense. 
  • Many of us could have lead a mini workshop without the huge expense of an imported tutor with overnight stay and travel. 
  • We could use the external tutors for stuff we can't offer ourselves.
  • I prefer to purchase books and work my way through independently and I do not like to be influenced overtly by other people's work.
  • A little more information about what to expect would have been useful for a newbie like me.
  • Have to carry too much to the workshop! Even with a requirements list I still find there are things I could have brought with me.
  • The room was lovely, but parking is not good.
  • I don't want to rely of finding a good machine, and its not convenient to take your own.
  • I could not work out what the workshops were about.
  • I have too many ufo's from workshops already

Is there anything we could do to tempt you to attend workshops?

  • A venue out of the city centre would be very helpful if it has close, free parking. 
  • Some traditional work maybe an interesting workshop by a quilter like Gilli Theokritoff, who does more modern work as well as traditional. Someone who blends traditional skills with a more modern approach. 
  • Change of day
  • Free parking
  • Change of venue
  • If they were held at our meeting place, or somewhere more accessable.
  • More workshops on a Saturday please.  
  • Perhaps the displays in the meetings could include pictures of the the tutors work, photos re the workshop, etc.  
  • A small paragraph on the workshop is often insufficient for those of us who have never heard of the tutors.  
  • Perhaps also you could 'sell' the workshops more in meetings rather than just mention them.  
  • Explore more hand stitching, so no need for sewing machines.
  • More experimental workshops - contemporary techniques. 
  • Half Day Workshops
  • Earlier adverts for the workshops - pictures and samples (if poss)
  • More in-house workshops

Would this idea interest you for a meeting? Show and Tell – bring and share a piece of work with other members.

Would this idea interest you for a meeting? Show and Tell – bring and share a piece of work with other members.

  • Yes, but I think it would work if about 4 or 5 of us took over a talk time and brought many of the things we do to show and tell. I would be happy to volunteer with some others. Let's see what we all do.
  • Yes. being a new member & coming on my own. I find it difficult to chat to others so this would be a comfortable way.
  • I enjoy seeing what others are doing, including designwork/sketchbooks.
  • Yes if we moved from table to table we might get to meet and get to know more members
  • I might feel a bit intimidated about sharing my work yet as there are so many skilled people in the group.
  • I've attended a couple of these and haven't particularly enjoyed them, either uninspired or overawed by what I have seen.
  • Yes I am very interested if I had anything to show & tell!!!!!
  • Seriously it would be a great idea as we have a lot of untapped talent in our group.ee
  • Yes, so long as it does not have to be new or recently made.
  • Yes.  I think this should be a regular feature of meetings.  The current structure of meetings does not allow any interaction of skills or ideas between members. I don't even know what the skills of many members are.
  • Not really - I wouldn't feel confident in showing and telling my work to strangers.
  • Yes, very much. I'd like to see more of each others work  - we would get much more of a feel for each others talents. Connecting the work with the artist. Seeing the images on the website is good, but unless we know the name, we can't connect them.
  • Yes, but I know the talents of so few members I might feel intimidated to open my workbox.
  • Yes if there was enough interest within the group...no good if it's just a few
  • Yes - Patchworkers do it. Are embroiderers brave enough?
  • No I would prefer a theme or we could work together on the summer challenge

Would this idea interest you for a meeting? Stitch Challenge – receive a pack with a theme and inspiration to interpret in your own style.

Would this idea interest you for a meeting? Stitch Challenge – receive a pack with a theme and inspiration to interpret in your own style.

  • Probably not - I'm not good at being restricted to a theme.
  • Yes. I often work without a theme so my work is very eclectic. I need more practice & feel very inspired/intimidated when I see others who name their work & have a theme running throughout their work
  • Great idea. what about a guild quilt charity project.
  • Suspect the pack would go unused in between meetings.
  • I would love to take part
  • Possibly! We need more In-house projects
  • Might have a go time permitting
  • In the past, the July challenge has seemed appealing until I have thought about it and realised I don't know where to start. Sometimes I have tried and got it quite wrong. I need some guidance on planning and executing projects. 
  • No - that is scary!

How did you originally find out about WBEG Chart

How long have you been a member?

How has it been for you?

Could you suggest any improvements we could make in the future?

  • A more rigid start time.
  • Maybe market the group to non-embroiderers.
  • Or look at holding joint meetings with other textile craft groups eg knitters, quilters."
  • Purchase a P A system
  • Advanced knowledge of sales tables.
  • More member involvement.
  • It would be good if all the speakers talked louder and 'threw' their voices to the back of the room, so were clearly heard.
  • You have your 'sew and so' meetings this year.  Would it be possible to do something where you could meet regularly and stitch and chat without having to work towards a group project?
  • There isn't any time to get to know people at meetings - maybe we could have more social meetings. 
  • Would like more sharing of skills alongside speakers
  • Name badges to be worn each time we meet. Proper ones - not sticky labels
  • Make visitors more welcome. There seems little effort to share skills and experience. I would like to see more practical sessions led by members or outsiders.
  • More sharing of wide ranging talents within the membership and more efforts by everybody to learn each others names. 
  • Look outward and forward with energy and commitment don't get bogged down with interspection
  • Please keep on with the sales tables
  • Some way to stimulate interaction within the group
  • Involving the membership more and getting them to take a more active role in the meetings
  • More "in-depth" sessions on needlework. 
  • Does the branch need to improve? It provides speakers (some good, some not so good, but you don't know unless you attend), and an opportunity to meet like minded people. Good value for money. Stop beating yourselves up.
  • Less negativity and more enthusiasm for what we do.. I think our group IS successful, we had some fabulous speakers last year, I enjoy it. Meetings are well attended and lively ..ok there may be some problems with work shops -perhaps people have less money-how much is the general economy contributing to this ( You are never going to please everyone!!)
  • Hooray for WBEG, I say...and so should the rest of our members and committee!